Rs. 2,600 Rs. 2,900

An Ittar sneaked out of a paradise’s dream, that you would wonder if it's real or an illusion. This is the world of Modern attar Mirage. Made with the hydrodistillation of honeysuckle, also known as Madhumalti ‘Bel’ ( an Indian nocturnal creeper), the slightest whiff of Mirage is enough to transport you into the light airy field of perfumed possibilities. The sweet and nectarous fragrance boasts natural antioxidant properties, and with it you are invited to get lost in the waterless sea of this summer elixir. 

It's available in a newly launched gift box which displays the making of ittar on the box, the celebrated and adorned "Deg bhapka" method of hydrodistilaltion on by artist Maegha Saxena.