From time immemorial, Ittars have the power to cut through the strongest walls, make soldiers put down their weapons and kings talk in poetry. But somewhere in the race of chasing foreign notes, ittars lost their supremacy. Kastoor is a humble attempt to bring this culture back, with a modern twist.


Where are your fragrances manufactured?

100% of our products are manufactured and packed from India.

How long will a fragrance last?

It usually lasts for a day. Ittars are pure fragrances without any alcohol and evolve on your skin as you go along the day, making you experience your fragrance on different beautiful notes. 

Do you have fragrances for men?

At Kastoor, the idea of fragrances goes beyond gender. 3 of our fragrances - Armour, Panache and Reign are loved by men as well. 

Is it a roll-on or a spray?

Any product which doesn’t have alcohol in it can’t be sprayed. Since Kastoor is all natural fragrances without any alcohol or synthetic additions, it comes with a roller-ball.

How different are these fragrances from the older ittars?

Kastoor was born out of the desire to merge two worlds - the cultural world of ittars with the modern Indian sense of fragrances. The cultural world was stuck in time, strong fragrances that are good to keep but not good to wear and the modern world of fragrances had lost its purity with synthetic additions. Like jilted lovers, the two worlds were set apart, denying us a glorious love story. Not anymore.