"Ruled by the moon cancerians are very emotional and intuitive. While they can often be construed as mild, they can be a force of nature if provoked. For a scent that hooks them, it has to be familiar, comforting yet powerful. They avoid intense, experimental notes and go for universally pleasant soft florals or bright citrusy ones. Hard shelled with a soft-heart Cancerians secretly long for a fragrance that celebrates their vulnerability and this mix of rose, lavender & lilies is their true calling."

Kastoor Armour and Daydream - A Warrior In Love

"The collaboration of Kaia X Kastoor, unmasks four exquisite ittar blends, inspired by oudh, patchouli, and citrus orange blossom. The theme is 'Fursat-a concept that embodies a state of leisure, celebrated through the craft of plant-based distilled ittars, urging us to embrace the wonders of nature."

"If there is one thing that Taurus love, it's luxury. This earth sign appreciates comfort, will find solace in a perfume that embodies richness and warmth. Opt for a fragrance with a base of creamy sandalwood, complemented by notes of vanilla and amber and make sure the bottle is as scintillating as the fragrance. We recommend Kastoor's Mystique, which has the warm and earthy Patchouli distilled on a rich bed of lotus and sandalwood, lending it a deep woody fragrance. What's more, it is a completely natural and vegan product."

"Ittars are a heady fragrance to wear. Yet the lingering homegrown fragrance is one that has both historical relevance and modern appeal."

"Nothing beats the rich olfactory experience natural perfume oils can take you. This latest attar from Kastoor is a blend of patchouli, lotus, and sandalwood, evoking a warm, earthy, and soothing aroma. Unlike most perfumes, its captivating smell lasts throughout the day."

"Kannauj has been a hub for attars for over 400 years (about two centuries before Grasse, France made its appearance as the perfume capital of the world) and this finds elaborate mentions in traveller Hiuen Tsang's writings. In fact, during Harshvardhan's reign, in 606 AD, Kannauj was known as Kusumpura or the city of flowers. It still continues with its attar-making traditions with the techniques and craftsmanship passed on through generations. Although with the surge of mass-produced, synthetic scents, these perfumeries have lost much of their glory and business."

Kastoor’s founder, Esha Tiwari, wants to change existing perceptions. “Ittars are considered heavy,” she said. “In the earlier times, the ittars were so distinct. They were used by kings and queens as a mode of announcement. But I don’t want to drag you to the 14th century. I will bring this art form to your 21st century.” 

“The oil-based fragrances derived from flowers & herbs slipped in preference as Western perfumes flooded markets. In their contemporary form, attars are more than old wine in new bottle.” 

"Meet the entrepreneurs taking Indian fragrance to the world.
The luxury market is dominated by international fragrances, many of which use Indian raw materials. Young home- grown perfumers are now taking baby steps to try and change that."
“As a solo founder, work and play blur the boundaries. If your business is your baby, you raise it 24*x7, 365 days a year. Here’s a deep dive into the mind and (scented) itinerary of Esha Tiwari, founder Kastoor, as she takes a break to recharge and reset.” 
"The brand offers a range of ittars that utilise pure extracts of plant-based ingredients such as cedar, orange, spice and Oakwood without any alcohol. You can also choose from other fragrances, including Mitti, which features a musky fresh fragrance; Armour, a concoction of wood, spice, and vanilla; Reign, which offers a woody and balsamic fragrance of white oud; Mystique, a blend of rose and oud; and Daydream, a combination of rose musk, lavender and lilies."
"The brand's name is inspired by a couplet by Kabir Das, which refers to Kasturi — the smell of a deer that runs around an entire forest, searching desperately for it, unaware that it comes from its own navel, comparing people chasing foreign notes but forgetting that we are the creators of the world's most phenomenal scents. The ittars from Kastoor have been created to suit the modern world while also paying homage to our history and fragrance culture."
"Kastoor, a brand of “modern ittars”, offers a modern experience of distilled history. Exclusive ittar blends which cater to the modern scent sensibilities created after months of trials and research. Made through traditional methods of hydrodistillation, the ittars are without any alcohol and chemicals, using pure extracts, reinventing the oldest and the purest form of perfumery for the modern world & heralding the culture of clean fragrances in India."