"Deg Bhapka" Gift Boxes + Modern Ittar Daydream

Rs. 3,299.99 Rs. 3,699.99
"Deg Bhapka" Gift Boxes + Modern Ittar Daydream
Rs. 3,299.99

The process of Ittar making is an art in itself. The sustainable and eco-friendly method of hydrodistillation of flowers and natural ingredients in large copper pots is unlike any other form of perfumery, making it the finest, oldest and the toughest form of perfumery. We have collaborated with artist Maegha Saexena who fancies merging the modern and the traditional to create an enriching experience of the process on the cover, which also makes it a well differentiated gifting option to your loved ones. The domes and the ruins at the back is paying a homage to the Mughal era which saw the bloom of attar making. Bask in the modern experience of distilled Indian history with the new gift boxes. 


This box will contain Modern Ittar Daydream - a lavender floral scent in the Deg Bhapka Box.