Rose & Oudh Mystique + Saree Ivory Oudh Candle

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Rose & Oudh Mystique + Saree Ivory Oudh Candle
Rs. 2,785.00

The carnal and sinful mix of Kastoor ‘Mystique’s‘ Rose and Oud Modern Ittar combined with the sheer elegance of ‘The Saree‘ candle in the heady Velvet Oudh fragrance guarantees a passion filled present for your loved one. A true combination that plays along your mind – which withholds treasures the lips don’t tell. 

About the fragrance 
Oudh : A rich dark resin extracted from Agarwood Trees which exudes an exquisite sensual fragrance that envokes a sense of opulence and luxury. Oudh also has calming properties.
Rose : India being the home to a variety of roses lends its Rose Edouard and Rosa Damascena to create a rich sweet fragrance that balances the woodiness of the Oudh.

What’s in the Bundle 
‘The Saree Candle’ in Ivory & Gold  She celebrates her Indian roots and culture while still being in touch with her sensual self. Made of premium organic wax blend, organic dyes and fragrances, vegan and sculpted by hand in India
Size : 5.8in x 2.3in
‘Mystique’ Modern Ittar – 8ml with notes of Oud and Rose, gender agnostic composition, vegan, alcohol & cruelty free.